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It's a #LaborofLove!

Labor of Love specializes in saving dogs from euthanasia by tirelessly rehabilitating them and working with our partner rescues in the Northeast. Serving the western North Carolina and upstate South Carolina communities, our core group has been devoted to helping animals for almost a decade. During this time, we have rescued over 10,000 dogs, many of whom were seniors, heartworm positive, and/or in need of expensive medical treatment. After rehabilitation, they are transported north to their forever homes. 

What makes us unique is that our organization is entirely foster based. We have no costly lease payments, utility bills, or paid staff! Our volunteer fosters are dedicated to helping these dogs become healthy so they can enjoy the rest of their lives in loving forever homes. Our organization is supported entirely by volunteers, financial donors, and grant monies!




Unprecedented Times

In what seems like an eternity ago, we started 2020 and a new decade with high hopes to make a big impact. We never dreamed we would save more animals, help more people, than we have in the last decade of our existence. We saw needs like we have never seen before and we saw agencies who usually provide assistance turning people away as quickly as they sought help. Local shelters told citizens do not bring them any strays. Terrible burdens were placed upon humans trying to help animals in need. As we have all heard, extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. We are brought to tears when we think of the bonds we have forged in 2020 to get and keep animals out of harms way. People have stepped out of their comfort zones and risen to do things they never would have done before. We have accomplished, through cooperative efforts, things we could never have done single-handedly. Teamwork really does make the dream work! For the first time in our existence we saved over 1,000 animals this year through all-volunteer efforts. We provided over 100 dogs with major life-saving medical care including heartworm treatment, orthopedic procedures, and dental work. We trapped scared dogs on the run, we bartered with owners to gain freedom for dogs living in substandard conditions, and perhaps most importantly, we provided a safe haven for pets whose owners could no longer care for them during these unprecedented struggles. We went to bed most every night bleary-eyed or teary-eyed from the day's events. While there were many boots on the ground every single day, none of our labors of love could have been brought to fruition had it not been for the financial support of so many kind donors. Saving more means spending more just to have basic needs met. We are so humbled to say that we did not have to turn one animal away in 2020 due to lack of funds. In order for our life-saving work to continue through 2021, we ask that you consider supporting us in any way you can, but before you do, please look at some of the amazing transformation photos which truly capture the work that we do.



Today, Tomorrow, Forever

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Imagine What a Little Love Can Do

We believe that a single action can make a world of difference in the life of an animal. Imagine how powerful collective action can be! Through advocacy and outreach, we work each day to contribute to the greater good for animals in our communities. Will you consider joining us?

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Paving the Path for a Better Tomorrow

Our 501c3 rescue appreciates the involvement and generosity of people like you. Whether we are providing toys for enrichment, paying for a simple spay/neuter, or scheduling lifesaving surgery, money donated to our organization goes directly to helping these rescued dogs become healthy both physically and mentally. Your tax-deductible donation is making a difference in the lives of the animals we save. Our mailing address to donate via check is: Labor of Love Transport Rescue

3754 Brevard Road, Suite 106

Horse Shoe, NC. 28742-8752

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Together We Can Make a Difference

The easiest way to reach us is to click the link below. It will take you to our Facebook page where you are welcome to send us a message. 



A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words